The Three Stooges Are The A-Team!


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I got in touch with my inner self tonight…
…thats the last time i buy cheap toilet paper!

My mom use to tell me that having one testicle doesnt make someone weird, I still think its creepy though and she should have it removed!

Statistically speaking, you are more likely to be bitten by a hooker than a shark.

Guess FIFA is going to do it like this, Russia 2018, Qatar 2022, North Korea 2030, Antarctic 2034, Mercury 2038.

I said to my dad “Sorry I forgot to get you something for Fathers Day…”
He said “Thats Ok…i forget things too.”
“Like what?”
“Like that time i forgot to put on a condom and ended up with a jerk for a son!”
I think he took it pretty well…

Trying to catch up…sooo much fail on updating >.<

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Gary the goat goes to boot camp on the way to Bamaga.


An American Coach in London: NBC Sports Premier League Film featuring Jason Sudeikis


The Insult Comic Dog doesn’t need to go all the way to Brazil to experience crazy fans in crowded, filthy bars; New York’s largest borough will do just fine.

BORN RICH Jamie Johnson Johnson& Johnson trump documentary.


True story.

I just wanted a refill on my Sprite. 

That’s all I wanted.

and I would have done anything for it

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